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DSE 2017 Paper 2 Q2 (Mock)  (中譯一個錯誤給我的「人生功課」)


You have just heard this song about life.


And a bad mistake Ive made …

 Ive had my share of sand kicked in my face …

 But Ive come through”. 


You have been inspired to share your feelings about life on your online blog on social media. Write about what you have learned from ONE lesson in life.

(about 400 words)



2017 IELTS (Mock)    (中譯:你如何看「患難見真情」)

It is said that ‘ Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends.’ Write an essay to support this statement from what you have experienced in life about this.     

 (250 words or above)



B) 範文(Target: DSE level 5**/IELTS Score 8 or above)


【五大鋪墊】 = 【現】現象/現實例子;





   灰底    該段Topic Sentence

綠字可顯示range of vocabulary(參考下表)的字眼變化




What I’ve Learned About Life


Paragraph 1

【現】To my surprise, it was ‘he’ that helped me through the darkest hours in my life. He was Johnson, whom I once thought no longer to be my bosom friend, but a general acquaintance only. 



Paragraph 2

He was a friend with a bit of gambling addiction, somewhat scruffy in appearance. I was upset with him when I found there was nothing I could do to change his way. Since then, we have not seen each other for about ten years. 



Paragraph 3

For the past few years, I had been struggling with depression.  In the very beginning, I was good at concealing it from others, but later it pestered me so badly that I couldn’t stand it anymore. Tears automatically burst out of my eyes without legitimate reasons. Nobody cared about me before meeting Johnson again. Yes, it was Johnson that consoled me all the way, brought me to see the psychiatrist in time and my symptom stopped after medication. Without Johnson, I wonder I am still under the torture of melancholia. I regretted the decision I once made, that I treated him ‘a general acquaintance’. 



Paragraph 4

【表】Life is a precious gift filled with valuable lessons we can learn, from childhood to adulthood. These were priceless discoveries that I found:



Paragraph 5

【理】Never judge a book by its cover It’s like going to a library and finding a book. You may go for the book with attractive colors and graphics but pass up the book that looks plain and colorless. However, if you look beneath the surface, a person or thing may be different from what you expect. Thank God for meeting Johnson again and let me know that he is such an affectionate person I have never thought of. It is my mistake that I often judge people by their physical appearances only, such as their skin color, their hairstyle or the way they dress in.



Paragraph 6

【理】Everything happens for a reason.  Johnson thanked me for the past admonition I once gave him and he cherished the friendship with me because I once helped him out of a personal financial crisis a decade ago. To be honest, I already forgot the help I gave him but he still remembered it.【他】 It is true that ‘what goes around comes around!’



Paragraph 7

【理】No one can make someone change without patience. Johnson told me that he had already got rid of the gambling addiction after a painful experience. It surprised me a lot! I admit that I am a judgemental person always trying to influence others to do what I think is ‘good’, without giving enough time to others for my intended change. Johnson taught me a lesson –  change has to come from within one’s selfThis is one of the hardest life lessons for me to learn accepting ‘slow change’ because I always get frustrated when I waste my time criticising someone else’s thoughts or behaviour too quickly.



Paragraph 8

【理】I don’t know someone unless I have walked in their shoes. Many people misperceive others without getting to know them first. Once upon a timeI might judge a person acting out emotionally, but actually I did misunderstand what they had been through.  Just because I got a life journey to fight depression, I knew the feelings of being criticized without sympathy, being isolated with pride and prejudice, and being lonely with nobody’s understanding.



Paragraph 9

【表】Life lessons are important because we gain valuable knowledge throughout our limited life span. With these invaluable lessons like this one, we can learn to live a better and more fulfilling life.



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