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    Tomato YipTomato Yip

    回到「舊」日,科技一般是用來解決簡單問題,就如用一個燈泡來照亮一間房 或 用一個微波爐來替用餐加熱。這些年來,科技不繼演進,幫助我們跟這個「不只只在我們週遭」的世界保持聯繫。IoT(物聯網),可以被預先知道: 每一日的事項會被加入軟件、傳感器、其他科技手段以連結任何其他「東西」,並進行數據交換。今時今日,智能科技已經找到路徑進入不同行業,由保健、小型企業、到金融世界。

    Back to the ‘old’ days, technology was generally used to solve simple problems such as a light-bulb to illuminate a room or a micro-wave oven to heat a dish. Over the years, technology has been evolving to help us stay connected to the world not just only ‘around’ us. IoT, the ‘internet of things,’ can be foreseen that everyday items that are filled with software, sensors, and other technological means to simply connect with or exchange data with any other ‘things’. In this day and age, smart tech has found its way into various industries, ranging from healthcare, small businesses to the financial world.

正在檢視 1 篇文章 - 1 至 1 (共計 1 篇)
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